Our Mission
To help kids and families all around the world to keep their minds active and busy with a great selection of toys for all ages.

Our Story
Our names are Jeff and Zina and we are so excited that you’re here!
My husband Jeff and I started this toy store with a dream. Being a mommy of five, two of which are teens and always looking to stay active, having two that are on the spectrum and one who was premature. We know how hectic life can get. So, we are here to make it easier. Let’s have Fun!
Each and every item we offer is always handpicked, our goal is to bring you great quality products that will keep your mind busy and active. It is our hope that we will be able to help keep kids be active and enjoy life as well as bring families closer. It became our mission to make this happen. So, with that in mind we founded Busy Beez Toy Box.
We strongly support Grant a Gift Autism Foundation Ackerman Center and March of Dimes foundation. So, when you shop with us a portion of every sale is donated to these great foundations. You too will have the opportunity to support them at their links on the Donate tab on our page.